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17 May

Baby VOX - live at CTN studios

On March 4th 2007, Baby VOX, a Korean girl band with 5 members, performed live on CTN.

 With the front, side and back stage available for me to roam, I had a great time watching this very sexy group perform. My only brief was to “look out for the cameras” - which I did quite well only appearing on TV once or twice, and always blending in with the crowd.

Photographically speaking the conditions were challenging - A smoke machine made using a flash impossible, which meant I had to shoot wide open at ISO 1600 which gave me shutter speeds around 1/60th - really not sufficient for these fast action girls.

 To view more pictures from the night, take a look in the forum, or click here.

09 May

Andong - Published in the Phnom Penh Post

Children play by the UNICEF funded water tanks which hold only dirty water, as thunder clouds gather on the horizon.On Sunday 28th April I took a trip with a friend from the Phnom Penh Post who was doing a story on Andong, a relocation site where many hundred families were dumped after being evicted from slums in Phnom Penh. 

It was an amazing but shocking place with some fantastic photo opportunities, none of which were particularly pleasant to see, but all of which made great subjects.

It was a struggle to get the photos I wanted while maintaining respect for the people living in Andong. In the end I got about 25 great photos and 8 exhibition grade photos which I hope to display at Java Cafe in the near future.A malnourished child living in Andong

Three photos made the Phnom Penh Post article, a small thumbnail on the cover and two larger photos on page 3. They weren’t the photos I would have chosen myself, but they told the story and I was very happy with the result.

I have posted the article in the forum, and I also posted some more photos from the day.

Phnom Penh Post Article - Andong .
Mothers and Children - Andong .
Around Town - Andong .
Black and whites - Andong .
Portraits - Andong .
Having Fun - Andong .


08 May

Hold your horses

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